Many of our consulting assignments conclude that lawyers need to become better at attaining and retaining new clients.  The Management Counsel Group has responded to this need by developing a business development program for lawyers that encourages, builds the necessary skills, and provides coaching over an extended period. Through behavioural training, our goal is to instill a lifetime ability for your lawyers that brings them higher career satisfaction with a solid self-generated client base.

Investing in people by developing client relations skills has been the key strategy of successful firms. Consider the significant benefits of more lawyers contributing to your business development. If improved skills could increase a lawyer’s client base by a mere $50,000 per year, this would translate into $1.25 million over a 25 year career. Aspiring associates and junior partners sense the need to improve their business development skills but flounder with few resources available to them.  We are pleased to offer you a program that provides sustainable results that will improve profitability and enhance career satisfaction.