A new kind of Counsel


The management of law firms is exceedingly difficult and often challenges the conventional theories of business. Law firms are a complex blend of business needs and personalities. The needs of the business and the needs of the individuals are often mutually exclusive. The result is a high level of frustration by those that attempt to align these diverse needs.

Yet there are many firms that have achieved great success. I have been fortunate to have been exposed to these successes over my many years in consulting. This knowledge allows me to combine the leading thinking in management theory with these experiences to provide pragmatic counsel to our clients.

Lexis Nexis has released my book “A Practical Guide to Successful Law Firm Management” thereby giving me the opportunity to provide this insightful advice to the legal community. I welcome you to explore our approach from this publication. You may click here to access the publisher’s website.

Our team consists of individuals with deep management experience that appreciate the interpersonal dynamics of the law firm environment.  The balance of profitability and harmony is the key to the successful firm.  We look forward to working with you.

Robert Hardie, CMA, FCMA

Managing Director