Welcome to Management Counsel Group

Many partners often sense that there is an opportunity for improved profit potential in their firm.  Making the most of their efforts is important to them for both professional satisfaction and financial reward.  A larger “pie” for distribution, however, seems elusive.

As catalysts for change, the Management Counsel Group has worked with its clients to create strong practices focused on the key management issues.  Working in collaboration with all of the partners, we conduct a review to assess the current business practices and recommend action plans that deliver sustainable results.

Our approach is educational and supportive.  The ultimate objective is to introduce innovative but proven ideas and approaches that have been successful in the top performing firms.  Such an approach weans the firm from too great a reliance on consultants and places accountability for accomplishment where it belongs – within the firm.

We have an established track record of results and many thankful clients.  Please consider this opportunity to revitalize your firm with improved operations, clear strategies, and enhanced incomes.

We welcome you to subscribe to our One Minute Manager.  Our goal with this periodic email is to provide you with quick tips that will enhance the success of your practice. Within 60 seconds you will gain an idea that will increase your profitability or simply ease the burden of a difficult management issue. An archive of our previous editions can be viewed by clicking here.  We hope you will find this a valuable resource.

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